Location Strategy for Parcel Lockers

Ensure the success of your Parcel Locker network with strategic location data. Maximize ROI and customer satisfaction by placing lockers in the right places.

Optimizing Your Parcel Locker Network to Maximize Profitability

Our approach includes evaluating your current network, selecting key performance indicators (KPIs), and providing tools for assessing new locations. This enables you to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your current locker placements.
  • Determine improvement strategies for underperforming lockers.
  • Identify untapped areas for new locker installations.
  • Pinpoint optimal locations for new lockers based on data analysis.
  • Understand competitors' locker placement strategies.
I use CleverMaps all the time. It’s an invaluable help. I can quickly evaluate, compare, and prioritize. These data-based conclusions are easy to pass on to my colleagues. It’s also much quicker than the process we had been using before.
Martina Kodlova, Branch Network Manager at Kooperativa

Suggestion of ideal locations for expansion of Parcel Lockers

Handle the expansion with ease, knowing you did the best you could by supporting your decisions based on data.

CleverMaps will give you an overview of ideal locations for expansion. How is that possible? We are analyzing the locations considering:

  • Sociodemographic data - there is no point in setting up a new Parcel Locker at a location where are no people, right? 
  • Points of Interest - we are using our own methoology called Exposure Index, helping to evaluate the gravity of POIs in a certain location. Thanks to the exposure index, it is easy to find out the attractiveness of the place and evaluate the expected traffic to the place.
  • Your own Scoring Criteria 

Keeping track on the competition

Knowing what are your competitos up to is crucial for planning your expansion. 

We put the information about your competitors directly to the map so you can monitor their presence and consider it in your expansion strategy.

Competitive location data can be provided by the client, or we offer scraping directly from the competition's website according to the client's choice.

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Analysis of the Catchment Areas

Catchment areas will help you predict how many people your new Parcel Locker will serve and also undercover the cannibalization of your own Parcel Lockers or competitive ones.

The data is available in the application in several scenarios, for example:

  • Evaluation the surroundings of any place based on selected parameters within the arrival or arrival time.This approach is most often used when evaluating a site in terms of potential and competitive pressure.
  • The view allows you to evaluate both any selected locality and its surroundings, as well as the possible overlap of two selected places, for assessment of their competitive pressure

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