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platform for your clever decisions.

We empower people and organizations to make data-driven decisions about any location related problem.

Easy visualization of data in CleverMaps

Just a few areas that CleverMaps can revolutionize at your company

Location Planning

Visualize and assess locations with your  specific audiences accordng to your parameters. Analyse attractivity of a given location based on mobility.

Branch Network Optimization 

Does your company operate business locations such as stores, pickup points or branches? 
Branch Network Optimization will help you to improve ROI, increase sales and control costs.

Post-COVID Retail Recovery

COVID has caused many problems for retailers. Take a data-driven approach to re-opening and recovery process for brick and mortar and omnichannel commerce.

Delivery Services Optimization

Leverage Location Intelligence to optimize your supply chain and reduce delays in deliveries. Location Intelligence will help you to plan, manage, and monitor the first and last-mile.

Catchment Area Analysis

The customer catchment area is the geographical area from which a particular location draws its customer or prospects. 


Supercharge your marketing strategy with Location Intelligence! CleverMaps will help you to target the right audience at the right time and manage your customer experience strategies.

Need data for your analytics? Explore our Data Market!

In our Data Market, you can find various data sets for immediate use in the CleverMaps platform.
Get the most out of your analysis by enriching your data and save time on data preparation.

Get the location data in our data market

Location Analysis Platform For Large Scale Data

Unleash The Power Of Data-Driven Decisions

80% of today's data contain location-based context which are not considered by standard BI tools. Location intelligence reveals the important spatial context and will help you to make bulletproof decision for your business.

Cloud Application
for Location Analytics (SaaS)

Building Metrics combination of  datasets into one data model

Data Management Layer from real time analytics to machine learning

Easy to Use for business and for collaboration amongst teams 

Embedded Analytics for seamless combination with other tools

No Location-based information will slip through your fingers

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Defining Catchment Areas: 4 Questions Retailers Need to Ask

Defining Catchment Areas: 4 Questions Retailers Need to Ask

What is a catchment area? It's a geographic area from which a business attracts a population that uses its services. In other words, the area that "catches" your existing or prospective customers. A catchment area can be refined based on several different factors. Read on to find out what those factors are.

How to Optimise Your Branch Network for Maximum Performance in Three Steps

How to Optimise Your Branch Network for Maximum Performance in Three Steps

If you’re an expansion director responsible for optimising your branch network, it’s vital that you have the right tools to help you interpret your data. So why do you need to optimise your branch network in the first place? In a nutshell, so you don’t get left behind. Not only are customer perceptions of the usefulness of bricks-and-mortar branches very different to what they once were, but the financial services sector is currently undergoing a period of unprecedented change.

Using CleverMaps to analyze the availability of waste separation containers

Using CleverMaps to analyze the availability of waste separation containers

Do you think that the availability of waste separation containers can significantly influence the quality of life in cities? Martina and Barbora, the graduates of Czechitas Data Academy, are convinced that hell yeah! That's why they decided to analyze the availability of waste separation containers for the residents of cities Prague and Brno for their final project. 

Our Customers Are Happy With The Results

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"Even after using it for months we are still thrilled how our comprehensive business data can be visualized in an easy to understand way."
Jan Drobný, Branch Network Optimisation, Česká Spořitelna
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"The boosting of smart sales by location analysis really does bring results and increases return on investment."
Zuzana Hudecová, Merchant product manager, Edenred
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"We've seen Microsoft, SAP, GoodData but none of them provides such a deep insight."
David Vejtruba, CMO, TETA

What Can Location Intelligence Do For Your Business?

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