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The key to a successful data stack is a reusable infrastructure, which is quite common in Business Intelligence projects. Location Intelligence is dominated by traditional GIS tools that have many limitations. At CleverMaps we developed a set of tools that will make your Location Intelligence projects easy to launch, scale and  share.

CleverMaps Studio

Web application for assembling and managing Map dashboards. Reusable groups of interactive charts, values, and map layers for visualizing metrics. Filter values based on attributes, metrics, polygons or distance. Computed on a single Data model with no need for SQL. Studio allows creating data apps for sharing, presenting to managers, or building Stories.

CleverMaps Semantic Layer

The Semantic layer connects data models, metric definitions, and computation of metric values. The Data layer integrates with external data warehouses or accepts direct data input.  All tasks can be seamlessly executed through the REST API, which also supports metric value querying. CleverMaps Studio and Map Dashboards effectively utilize these capabilities.

CleverMaps Stories Builder

The web application used to build and manage Stories. Think of a Story as an interactive document consisting of text, charts, Map Dashboards and filters. It is meant to be used to present the results of the analysis. Using available Map Dashboards, describe findings, correlations, fluctuations, peculiarities, etc. So managers can gain easy-to-digest information and make Informed Decisions.

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"Even after using it for months we are still thrilled how our comprehensive business data can be visualized in an easy to understand way."
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"The boosting of smart sales by location analysis really does bring results and increases return on investment."
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"We've seen Microsoft, SAP, GoodData but none of them provides such a deep insight."
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