Partner Network

Global network of reliable partners working together on one goal - make Location Insigths accessible for as many organiations possible and help them to get the most out of their data. 

Our ecosystem

Our partners are an important part of our ecosystem. Some help us with implementation of project for our clients, other provide data to our Data Market or technologies. Would you like to join us? Get in touch!

OEM Location Insights

Build your applications with CleverMaps and customize our level of support based on your individual needs. Find everything you need in our Developers Documentation or Contact us for more details.

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Implementation & Consulting Partners

More and more companies providing consultation and analytical services find Location Intelligence as crucial part of their portfolio. Our partners are using CleverMaps to deliver to their clients needed insights about the locations.  

mPower Innovations is a leader in the geospatial field with more than 30 years of experience. Our highly adaptable GIS & browser-based solutions are being used to manage assets, facilities, and data in a growing number of industries.

Data Partners

There is nothing to analyze without the data, right? That's why many of our data partners finds collaboration with CleverMaps an advantageous way how to monetize data. 

Technology Partners

Connectivity and integrability of CleverMaps platfrom is our priority. Our users like to save time connecting between different technologies. No matter if its CRM, BI tool or a database we are always striving to improve our connectivity with outher worlds.

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