Location Analytics
for Delivery Services

Delivery services utilize Location Intelligence for use cases like optimizing their supply chain, reducing delays, or enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Planning Delivery Zones

Location Insights will help you plan delivery zones for maximum efficiency. So you can reduce delayed orders, outrun the competition, and have happy customers.

Delivery Management and Last Mile Support

Delivery Management and Last Mile Support

Have control over your deliveries and take the last mile to the level of perfection. Location Analysis will provide the insights to drive your decisions.

CleverMaps is a great BI tool with location as a key to get relations between business KPI, demography and market share.
Tomas Cupr, Group CEO at Rohlik Group
Customer Satisfaction enhancement in CleverMaps

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is good for business. Find and eliminate the causes of unsatisfied customers with location intelligence and let your business flourish.

Market Potential and Share

Knowing the real market potential drives the right business decisions–from effectively distributing resources to a fair evaluation of sales performance.

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