5 Steps Food Delivery Aggregators Must Take to Acquire the Right Restaurants

Food delivery aggregators know that having a wide range of restaurants and an extensive selection of cuisine is one of the keys to success. This means that aggregator sales representatives have to weigh up a lot of different factors if they’re to acquire the right restaurants. And that’s where a location intelligence tool and data-driven approach can come in handy. Read our step-by-step guide…

Step One: Identify Which Areas Need More Restaurants

First you need to know the areas that are poorly serviced in terms of delivery restaurants. The light blue areas on the map below show areas with the smallest number of restaurants.

Step Two: Assess the Market Potential

Maybe there’s a good reason why there are so few restaurants in a given area. Maybe it’s got a low population density, in which case you’re better off leaving things as they are. But what if the area has a high number of households? It might indicate that the potential is there to grow your business. The darker blue areas show high numbers of households.

Step Three: Evaluate your Penetration of the Market

At this point, you want to know the percentage of households that are already your customers. The lower the penetration, the bigger the opportunity to recruit new customers. And vice versa.

Step Four: Know What Types of Cuisine Are Needed

So you need to know what types of restaurants are needed. The next question is: What types of cuisine are offered already? If there are 3 pizza restaurants, it might be better to look into taking on a Vietnamese or gourmet burger restaurant. In the right panel below you can see the restaurants that are already on board and what food they provide.

Step Five: Share Insights with the Restaurants You Want to Acquire

These insights are not only useful in carving out a marketing strategy and identifying which restaurants to acquire, but it also gives your sales representatives the proper tools to convince the right restaurants to sign up. B2B sales fuelled by data-driven insights and aided by visualised easy-to-read maps are far more likely to succeed.

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