Location Analytics
for Banks

Whether you are optimizing your ATM network or branch network, looking for new locations, closing, merging or transforming your branches or optimizing your opening hours it is important to be aware of the spatial context and the impact of your decision.

CleverMaps for banks
CleverMaps location planning for banks

Location Planning: Branch Network and ATMs

CleverMaps will help you develop a comprehensive location strategy considering all the factors influencing your network's performance.

CleverMaps branch network optimization

Branch Network Optimization

Use location intelligence to align the branch operation costs with the market potential and your business goals. Handle the challenges connected to the digital transformation with ease, thanks to advanced spatial analysis.

Even after using CleverMaps for months, we are still thrilled how our comprehensive business data can be visualized in an easy-to-understand way.
Jan Drobny, Branch Network Optimization at Erste Group
CleverMaps market gaps analysis

Market Gaps
& Cannibalization

Find the under-served locations in your business. With our analytics, you'll know where the market potential is without cannibalization on your existing sites.

CleverMaps site evaluation

Site Evaluation

If you are opening, closing, merging, transforming, relocating your customer touchpoints network such as branches, parcel and delivery point, AMTs, cafes, restaurants, outlets, use spatial data driven analysis to do the most relevant decision

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