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Success Stories
Upvest is using Location Intelligence for investment decision making
Teta is using CleverMaps for branch network optimization

Using Location Insights for Investment decision making

Location Intelligence can serve real estate companies and investors to evaluate their investment opportunities. We help you make sure that there are no skeletons in the closet and all the potential threats are revealed before you commit to the investment.

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CleverFarm is using CleverMaps to increase revenue

Using Location Insights to increase revenue

Most of the startups struggle with resources (either financial or HR) but at the same time have to deliver rapid growth to succeed. A lot of resources are often dedicated to sales and marketing, which usually does not generate sufficient results. CleverMaps helped to solve this problem.

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Optimization of Branch Network using Location Insights

The retail network is like a living organism that reacts to even the smallest change in its surroundings. Thanks to CleverMaps, TETA's decisions are now driven by the most accurate data that is instantly updated and accessible online in an easy-to-understand map.

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Kooperativa is leveraging location intelligence

Leveraging Location Insights in Insurance sector

Having all of the data in one place allows us to make high-quality decisions in the most efficient way, taking all relevant data into consideration. This allows Kooperativa to fully take advantage of the business potential available to us.

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Albert measures each store's true potential

How to measure each store’s true potential

Albert runs three hundreds of supermarkets and hypermarkets across The Czech Republic. The goal was to determine the potential of each of hundreds of stores based on its location. Before CleverMaps, the analysis cost not only lots of time, but money as well. 

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Edenred is using CleverMaps

Available Employee benefits at the right places

The acquisition campaign planned by the Edenred sales team focused on enlisting companies to distribute Edenred meal vouchers to their employees. The challenge was to have the employee benefits available at the right places.

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DataSentics using CleverMaps to enrich their Business Intelligence
Ceska Sporitelna is using CleverMaps

Data-Driven business decisions in banking

Using a combination of selected internal and external data, CleverMaps delivered a complex overview of the banking market. At the same time, CleverMaps brought detailed insight into customer behavior and needs through geolocation.

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Dame Jidlo using location insights in food delivery

Three wins for Location Analysis in Food Delivery

The main aim was to effectively cover the market, meet its potential, and improve customer experience by providing various types of cuisines at certain times and level of quality. This could be achieved by implementing right location intelligence solution.

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What Location Insights delivers to BI consultants and their clients

DataSentics creates value by using data analysis and machine learning to innovate its clients’ businesses and internal processes. DataSentics’ data engineers and mathematicians integrate themselves into the internal teams of their clients to provide real-time solutions and fast results.

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How to find the best locations and evaluate their business potential

Even in a region where we’ve been operating for a long time, CleverMaps found an ideal location that we weren’t able to find on our own. Selecting new locations and ranking them now can be done in minutes. This is a night-and-day difference compared to before.

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