Planning Delivery Zones

Location Insights will help you plan delivery zones for maximum efficiency. So you can reduce delayed orders, outrun the competition, and have happy customers.

Planning Delivery Zones in CleverMaps

Plan Your Delivery Zones For Maximum Efficiency

Understand how your delivery business performs in a particular delivery zone and how long it takes to deliver to a specific area, and optimize your delivery zones accordingly.

Optimize your delivery zones to have enough customers, faster order deliveries, better product availability than the competitors, and minimum delayed orders.

Analyze the potential and competitive pressure in each delivery zone.

Get insights into customer behavior by evaluating the timings of orders for a given day or over a longer period.

Plan your delivery zones in CleverMaps
Clear visualization and predefined reports of data perfectly fit data driven foundation of Dáme jídlo.
Břetislav Stromko, Head of Business Intelligence

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