Location Planning:
Bank Branch Network & ATMs

Selecting new locations for your banking branches and ATMs can be challenging as the transactions depend on digital channels and declining branch-generated revenue. CleverMaps will help you develop a comprehensive location strategy considering all influencing factors.

Develop a Comprehensive Location Strategy 

Drive your omnichannel strategy by having the best business location in town. Location can be based on your most valuable customers or a strong potential, where the potential is measured by the power of points of interest, purchasing power, population etc. 

Evaluate your current branch network. 
Plan the new locations for maximum visibility, availability, and performance.
Position your ATM network strategically to maximize transactions. In case of a consolidation, understand spatial insights of your ATM footprint.

Even after using it for months we are still thrilled how our comprehensive business data can be visualized in and easy to understand way.
Jan Drobný, Branch Network Manager at Ceska Sporitelna

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