Customer Intelligence

Who Are My Customers?

The customer intelligence platforms collect and analyze data about customer behavior from disparate channels to support strategic decision making and improving the customer experience. We go one step further as we slice and dice your customer data onto a smart map, therefore, adding the customer location context to your current view of your customers.

By combining your data with an external data sources, such as personal and geographic demographics, CleverAnalytics doesn’t only answer the question WHERE, but also WHO are your customers? Knowledge of your customers’ purchasing power, housing, relation to your network, and other information helps you to complete your customer insight.

The “Why” of Customer Intelligence

Customer insights are crucial for the decision-making process for all departments from marketing through sales to product management. The most common questions shared by multiple stakeholders are.

Where are my customers and prospects located?

How can I segment my customer base?

Will a new location or market bring the same customer segment?

What is my strongest and weakest customer segment?

Who are the customers with the highest cross-sell and up-sell possibilities?

How is competition influencing my customer base?

Customer Insights
within a BI Map

The CleverAnalytics platform combines your current customer information with external data to provide customer intelligence analytics displayed on a smart map that allows you to:

  • Map customer locations to enhance existing information in the context of location
  • Identify where your best customers are located
  • Increase the ROI of your marketing efforts, thanks to better targeting
  • Set-up relevant sales quotas and KPIs that match the market potential
  • Plan your sales territory effectively
  • Identify underperforming customer segments with the highest potential growth
  • Recognize in time the locations of customers leaving your product or service early
  • Ensure that your product base matches the geographical and demographic data
  • Get and filter combined data to leverage it in your chosen marketing automation tool

Customer Data Pervading Every Business Case

Customer driven data is the core of any customer intelligence platform. In CleverAnalytics, customer insights are enriching multiple views and reports–those that all of our customers benefit from. To name just two with a strong customer-oriented approach: Faircredit, a consumer finance provider and Česká spořitelna, an Erste Bank Group member.

Try our solution for Business Intelligence on a map - drop us a message and one of our consultants will show you how CleverAnalytics can help optimize performance of your business.

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