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Customer Experience Intelligence

Dataset Specification

Customer Experience Intelligence dataset offers a unique mix of qualitative, geospatial and market analysis data for organizations to make more strategic decisions and mitigate risk.

The dataset includes qualitative data for any POI, brand, industry or territory. The list of POIs (points of interest) of a territory can be identified by specifying:

  • administrative level (city, county, state, country, etc.)
  • reference point and radius
  • polygon

It’s also possible to specify POIs by category or industry. To compute the reputation/perception indexes (number of reviews, sentiment, etc.) it’s necessary to specify the time period of analysis. 

Data packs or API

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Visualization Types

When to use Customer Experience Intelligence?

Expansion Strategy
Discover which neighborhoods or cities are trending, pinpoint exactly what attracts consumers, highlight services and offerings and compare it against location density and saturation.

Resource Management
Take advantage of comprehensive data, insights and evaluation parameters about points of interest in any destination. Maximize efficiency by seamlessly accessing property, sentiment and services data according to your needs.

Data Enrichment
Complete your CRM and enrich your investment analyses with a wide range of consumer and business behavior and sentiment data. Access location-based and humane experience data with maximum efficiency.

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