The story of CleverMaps

Back in 2013, a group of friends and coworkers founded CleverMaps with a clear vision and strong belief in data analytics in maps. After trying many different ideas about how to manifest that vision, they settled upon developing software which would ultimately change the way that the world worked with spatial data.

In 2014, the CleverMaps think tank began to come up with ideas that evolved into independent projects all centering around the original idea: working with data inside an interactive map environment. They ended up creating a family of products that shared the common theme of working with large amounts of data and performing analysis in conjunction with maps. This family of companies consisted of CleverAnalytics (Location Intelligence), CleverFarm (farm management), CleverAssets (real estate management), and SyMap (transport route management). All of these projects fell under the umbrella of CleverMaps.

Between the years 2015 and 2016, CleverAnalytics and CleverFarm split off into separate companies and became a part of the MindForge Group investment company. CleverAssets and SyMap remained a part of CleverMaps.  

A little while later, CleverMaps was also brought into MindForge and was restructured. CleverAssets became a part of CleverFarm due to a strong overlap in their customer base. SyMaps was spun off and sold to another buyer.  

Based on feedback from our customers, they often saw the CleverAnalytics as a smart (or clever) mapping solution, and would tend to naturally refer to it as CleverMaps. So, in 2019, we took this response to its natural conclusion and decided to rebrand CleverAnalytics as the new CleverMaps. This change was made alongside a renewed push to expand the Clever products into the international market - we felt that the new names would be easier for new customers to understand and embrace. Regardless of what it is called, we maintain that our smart mapping platform is still the all-in-one solution for all of your spatial and business-analytical needs.

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