We are always looking for colleagues to join our team and help us fulfill our dream. We offer full-time or part-time jobs, apprenticeships, and mentoring for talented students.

Job opportunities

Why to Work with Us?

Modern Technologies

We use Postgres db and Spring Boot to create back-end micro-services. We are building a multi-tenant platform on AWS, getting ready for Angular 2.0. The Agile approach is supported by Atlassian products.


We have our own vision and solutions which are not dictated by any one person. Everyone can influence where the product is heading.

Enthusiastic Team

When we ask our staff “Why are you working here?” the most frequent answer is: "Because of the coworkers." We have a diverse team of people with different interests and talents, so we motivate each other.

Employee Equity

We know that employees are the reason for our success, so it's just natural that they own part of the company.

Home Office

Work from home is a go. We use cloud services for everything, so you can work anywhere.

After Work Activities

We like to meet outside of the office, and we enjoy team building, hiking, fire-walking, cycling trips. We even have our own band.