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We're on the lookout for bright minds who are eager to make an impact. We are a team of 20 geolocation data enthusiasts dealing with the question of “Where” since 2015. We have offices in Brno and Prague and we favor a potential-centric culture, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and passion. If you're seeking a place where you can make a meaningful difference while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, we want to hear from you!

CleverMaps team plachtí v Chorvatsku

Our Why Story

For centuries, the answer to what drives the price of Real Estate has been location. However, today, the power of location extends beyond Real Estate, driving revenues, costs, and business success across Retail, E-commerce, Banking, Insurance, Telco, and many other industries.

Our mission is to democratize Location Intelligence and help businesses with their data integrity by the enrichment of spatial insights to make informed decisions faster and confidently.

Such as where to open another branch or place an ATM or a parcel locker.

What online maps did for individuals, we do for businesses.
Ondrej Tomas, Co-Founder & CEO

Why Work Here?

There are many reasons, and it differs for each individual and what they seek at work, but in general, we believe this is what stands out at CleverMaps. Let's dive in and chat about what you're after to see if we're a perfect fit!

The Team

We value smooth collaboration and open communication in a warm, welcoming, and honest atmosphere. It's something we cherish about our team, and we want you to feel completely at home being yourself with us.

The Product

We have our very own strong vision and solutions which are not dictated by any one person. Everyone can influence where the product is heading. Become a part of our Product Committee.

The Balance

We're not big fans of the term "work-life balance." Instead, we're all about embracing life in all its forms and living it on your own terms. Whether that means working from home, or a boat, we encourage you to find what works best for you.

Behind the Scenes

What We Value


We value principles of honesty, transparency, and taking responsibility. That means clear communication, ethical behavior, and owning up to both successes and mistakes. 


We promote a culture of trust, autonomy, and open communication, where individuals feel empowered to contribute their ideas and collaborate effectively. We encourage both personal and professional development by welcoming honest feedback.


We embrace creativity and a willingness to adapt to change. We like to be outside the (parcel) box, explore new ideas, and continuously learn and evolve by sharing our findings. 


We respect each other’s free time and work style with empathy, aiming to cultivate a healthy work-life balance and create an individually supportive environment.

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