About CleverMaps

What is CleverMaps?

The majority of today's data can be connected to a location. Everything happens somewhere, and with the right data and analytical tool, we can reveal why something happens at a particular place. CleverMaps is a Location Intelligence platform enabling businesses to understand WHY through spatial analysis. 


In 2013, CleverMaps was established in the heart of Europe by group of experienced technology enthusiasts. The founders all came from different backgrounds, and each having different sets of expertise, but what united them was their shared vision that map-based analysis of Big Data was going to be a big part of the future.

Our first big break

We caught our first big break when we partnered up with a large retailer with over 700 stores. Our mission with them was to use the data from their customer loyalty program to gain insights about how to consolidate and optimize their branch network - we wanted to see who was shopping at these stores and where they lived. Through this process we discovered that there was a huge gap in the market for a tool to analyse data within a spatial context. So, we followed the logical conclusion of filling that gap in the market by creating CleverMaps.

Ever since then, we’ve been continuously improving upon the CleverMaps platform. It’s come a long way and has attracted customers and fans across the world in the process.

Proof of concept

We feel that our predictions about the future of Location Intelligence have been confirmed as we’ve seen a major increase in companies who are interested in either developing, or using, interactive smart maps. The applications of this technology are endless, from managing huge farms, to planning sophisticated transportation routes - there are even those who are designing entire cities based on smart technology. 

With much more to come!

We are very happy that our product is so well received by our customers. The fact that these users are from all around the world and operating in many sectors of business is inspiring to us.

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