Driving Success,
Location by Location

CleverMaps is here to drive success, location by location, by empowering data analysts, developers, and business users alike to utilize the power of location insights for business decisions.

The Story of Where

For centuries, the answer to what shapes the price of Real Estate has been location. However, today, the Where extends beyond Real Estate, driving revenues, costs, and business success across Retail, E-commerce, Banking, Insurance, Telco, and many other industries.

Why We Are Here

We're here to make location analysis a breeze, just like the rest of your Business Intelligence toolkit. Picture this: empowering businesses to effortlessly tap into the value of location-based insights. Our mission? To simplify decision-making by offering a location analysis solution that's as user-friendly as your favorite app.

Let's navigate the world of data together, making success simpler, one location at a time.

What We Create

CleverMaps is a Location Intelligence Platform. We help businesses stay ahead of the competition by boosting their data integrity with the power of geospatial insights.

By combining location intelligence with modern data infrastructure, CleverMaps enables users of all levels to make informed choices faster and confidently.

Choose Your Tool

Our product ecosystem serves as a complete Location Intelligence Toolkit for your various business goals. Choose the tool that suits your current needs for maximizing revenues and minimizing costs.

Whether you're:

  • accessing quality data on our Data Marketplace
  • creating data models in our Semantic Layer
  • exploring interactive maps in our Studio
  • sharing your data stories with our Stories Builder

We've got you covered.
Or simply let our Geospatial Expert Team find the best solution for you.

Who We Are

We are enthusiasts about geolocation data, based in the heart of Europe, who have been tackling the fundamental question of 'Where?' since 2015 and integrating it into the business world. We assist both small and large businesses worldwide in making strategic decisions based on real-world data.

“I think we have yet to uncover the potential and possibilities of location analysis. Yes, we provide the needed tools of the trade but we have to simplify and shorten the process of getting there. We need to create awareness of what is possible today (and it is miraculous!) and at the same time, we have to show the easy and intuitive way how and when to use the tools. There is tremendous business value in location analysis. We are here to get you to get it.”
Ondrej Tomas, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Commitments


CleverMaps integrates seamlessly with your existing data tools, promoting vendor diversity and ensuring minimal disruption.


Our platform handles large data volumes effortlessly, adapting to diverse user needs and use cases with ease.


We prioritize data security, adhering to the highest industry standards with SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 compliance.

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