Catchment Area Analysis

The customer catchment area is the geographical area from which a particular location draws its customer or prospects. It represents the sphere of influence of the store, sometimes called “customer gravity”, in which it is able to attracts its visitors.

Catchment area analysis in CleverMaps

Customer Catchment Area in CleverMaps

Find out where your customers are coming from to your branches. Are customers really close to the branch and is its location critical for them or can we relocate / close the branch?

Improve the customer experience by knowing the catchment area.

Keep track of which areas are essential for each branch. Plot the actual catchment area of the branch depending on the representation of clients in each area.

Evaluate the cannibalization effect of branches and their catchment areas.

The native spatial query feature in the CleverMaps platform allows to analyze the natural catchment areas based on the walking, driving, biking distance or exact distance perimeter.

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