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CleverMaps stands as the pioneering and unparalleled Location Intelligence platform worldwide, harnessing the power of Business Intelligence logic to scrutinize spatial data with precision.

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The logical data model for spatial data

At the core of our platform lies the logical multidimensional data model. While it operates on the familiar principles of standard Business Intelligence tools, our CleverMaps solution sets itself apart by seamlessly handling spatial data of any scale. 

By establishing interconnections between datasets, location context, and synthesized metrics, the data model empowers you to conduct real-time location analysis.

The inherent advantage lies in its ability to retain the definitions and properties of data elements, ensuring consistency regardless of updates or technological advancements.

Model-based analytical platfrom

Advanced location analytics 

Easy data updates

Metrics and indicators builder

CleverMaps provides a mathematical engine that allows you to define metrics for your location analysis. Metrics enable you to easily slice and dice the data from any critical perspective for your business and visualize it on a map. 

CleverMaps gives you the ability to define the metric once and use it repeatedly in a different context with no SQL. Or combine multiple metrics together for advanced spatial analytics.

You can either use our metrics cheatsheet or create a custom one.

Custom definition of metrics

No SQL knowledge needed

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Native spatial queries

The spatial query is a query in a spatial database that is answered based on geometric information, for example, how many people live within specific proximity from a store. 

CleverMaps has native spatial queries that allow analyzing walking, driving, biking distance, or a custom perimeter from any location on the map. All it takes is a click to the map or searching for the location through the search field. No coding, no SQL, no changes to the database. 

Spatial queries on a click 

No code, no SQL

Real-time location analysis

Data visualization & real-time location analysis

Visualization of spatial data is not just about pretty maps. With CleverMaps, you'll get access to interactive location analysis. What you see on a map changes with your selection on the dashboard, and the powerful computation engine on the back end is doing the hard work for you.

The CleverMaps native features enable you to change the map base layers, visualization types, and granularities on the go, so you don't have to rebuild the maps anytime a stakeholder wants a different view.

Change visualizations on the go

Switch map base layers

Interactive analytical views

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