Powerful Location Insights platform

CleverMaps is the world's first and only Location Insights platform leveraging Business Intelligence logic to analyze spatial data.

Data Visualization
on a Map

Fully customisable and integrable platform

Powerful Computation Engine

Services & Partner Network

& Embedding

Scalability & High Performance

& Privacy

Easy-to-read Location Insights For Everyone 

Spatial analytics is a challenging discipline? Not anymore! The CleverMaps platform is easy-to-use for everyone.

Solution Templates

Library of predefined solution templates reflecting the most common business cases for your immediate use. More about templates

Analytics for everyone

User friendly UI with a focus on self-service and smooth experience of business users. Quick guide to CleverMaps

Instant analytics on a map

Our platform works with data the same logic as Business Intelligence tools. The difference is that the analytics is performed directly on a map.

Data enrichment

Enrich your data to put it into an important context. You can choose ready-to-use datasets from our data market.

Answer your spatial queries

Instant analytics of the area within selected walking, driving or biking distance of any point on the map. 


Maintenance-free and with no need of an IT guy for implementation. You are all set within few minutes. Flexible pricing that suits even smaller companies.

Want more technical information? See CleverMaps for developers 

Self-service focused user friendly UI

Self-service focused UI with smooth navigation in your insights will make you love working with CleverMaps.

Fully Customizable And Integrable Platform

We don't like rigid applications either. That's why you can customize CleverMaps according to your needs, embedd it where you like it or build your own application on our architecture.

Data Market

Enriching your business data is crucial for bullet-proof analytics. Choose ready-to-use datasets from our data market to get spatial context for your decisions.

Scalability & Performance

Fast work with large data thanks to in-memory caching, load balancing, vector tiles and more. Fast adaptation to any data size.

API & Data Connectors

Both sided communication with any aplication. Choose from our pre-configured data connector for easy data input. More about API

Embedded Analytics

Embeddable analytical views will allow you to do your analytics anywhere you are used to. 

Build your analytics

Build your dashboard from our predefined blocks according to your needs. Set up the map layer, choose the visualization type and build your analytics. More about building your analytics

Advanced access management

Advanced user management, access to data management allows you to restrict access to data sources. Automation of change management. More about users

Want more technical information? See CleverMaps for developers 

Fully integrable platform for your comfort of use

Data connectors, data market, embedded analytics, APIs...
We've got your back!

Services & Partner Network

Don't have the capacity to build the projects on your own? No worries,  our Professional Services and Partners are ready
to set you up and running.

Professional Services

Our team has the most extensive experience with the platform and serves as the support for our partners and adventurers who decided to do their project on their own.

Partner Network

We have a wide network of partners with various fields of expertise. We will recommend you to the partner with experience in your area for the best results.

Data Partners

Thanks to our data partners, we can provide you with various ready-to-use data sets for the enrichment of your data. Check our data market

Fast release of new features

We work hard to make our platform the best there is. You can be looking forward to exciting new features every month! See release notes

In-app support

You can count on us, we'll always help you with any struggle you might have. Contact our support directly from the platform.

Where you need us

CleverMaps is a flexible platform designed to fit the ecosystem of apps you are already using. You can deploy our platform where you need it.

Want to know more? Contact us!