CleverMaps Semantic Layer

Leverage the Semantic Layer, a powerful tool, to drive your Location Intelligence projects forward. Unlock the potential of your data by harnessing the capabilities of this cutting-edge technology.

Unlock the Power of Spatial Data with CleverMaps Semantic Layer

Elevate your spatial data management with the CleverMaps Semantic Layer. Seamlessly connect to your data warehouse, effortlessly populate the layer, establish a metrics layer, apply logic to your location intelligence projects, and harness the spatial capabilities of the CleverMaps Platform.
Unlock effortless access and analysis of your data, empowering you with invaluable insights for informed decision-making.

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Query Metric Values with REST API

The CleverMaps Semantic Layer also provides a REST API, which can be used to query the values of a metric. This makes it easy to access and analyze your data, giving you the insights you need to make informed decisions. The REST API can also be used to consume the data by CleverMaps Studio and its Map Dashboards, giving you the power to visualize your data in an easy-to-understand way.

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