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Exposure Index

Dataset Specification

CleverMaps' Exposure Index is a combination of many different location-based factors rating the desirability of a specific location.

The Exposure Index helps you to understand the power of any place based on the presence of important Points of Interest such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure
  • Offices
  • Residence
  • Shopping
  • Transportation hubs

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Visualization Types

When to use Exposure Index

Expansion of branch network
The Exposure Index is a perfect tool to measure the potential of any location based on the surrounding Points of Interest.

Assesment of current business locations
Evaluate your current branch/customer touchpoint network. Verify if your locations are at the right places.

Combination with Mobility data
 Exposure Index together with people's mobility evaluates the power of a place based on POIs and the real movement of people.

Exposure Index in action

This is how the data source looks like

This is what you'll see in the CleverMaps platform

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