Customer story: How to find the best locations and evaluate their business potential

“With just a few clicks, I can find suitable locations for new stores and even evaluate their potential. I like the ability to easily change my search parameters at any time. Right there in the map I can see the business potential, the catchment area, and even the network density of all the relevant retail chains.”
Vaclav Vitek, Managing Director of K16

K16 company

K16 provides a comprehensive set of services related to locating suitable locations for the expansion, development, and then the operation of shopping centers.

Experience isn’t everything

We have extensive experience in finding suitable locations to expand to - and this experience is still irreplaceable. However, we know that nowadays just being experienced isn’t enough. We still need to make decisions based on our experience, but which are enriched and supported with accurate and relevant data.

Working with data in context

We’re aware that working with large amounts of data coming from many different sources is not very easy. We lacked a tool which could quickly provide a clear “big picture” while at the same time being able to see detailed information about each selected location. 

The data is available, you just need to know where to look

Quality data is available to you at this very moment. Most of it is either free of charge, or can be acquired quite inexpensively (e.g. local population, purchasing power, the location of relevant retail outfits, foot traffic, etc.).

Preparation of our interactive map

Based on the description of our needs, the CleverMaps team has built a bespoke interactive map that includes up-to-date information from external sources.

Combining business experience with data know-how

We were pleasantly surprised that using CleverMaps complex analysis tool does not require any technical background or advanced knowledge. It was actually quite easy to connect our business experience with their vast amount of data (approximately 40 entire retail chains operating across 6,250 municipalities!).

The power of spatial context

This has revealed a context that we would not otherwise see. For example, the details of the catchment area and the locations’ business potential. Best of all, the variables involved in the analysis can be easily tweaked to fit our needs.

New business

Even in a region where we’ve been operating for a long time, CleverMaps found an ideal location that we weren’t able to find on our own.

Significant time savings

Selecting new locations and ranking them now can be done in minutes. This is a night-and-day difference compared to before. Not only that, but now these decisions are backed up with more data, such as substantial information about the catchment area.

Clear and confident decisions

It gives you extraordinary peace of mind knowing that you made an important decision using all the data available. It’s a great way to know that you’re not missing anything important.

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