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The first step towards smarter sales

The boosting of smart sales by location analysis really does bring results and increases return on investment.
Jiří Brych, Product Manager

The Client

 Employee benefits available at the right places

Operating in 42 countries, Edenred is an international company that specialises in employee benefit and meal vouchers. In the Czech Republic, Edenred meal vouchers are used by over half a million employees, representing more than 23,000 companies. As a large-sized, forward-looking company, Edenred is naturally focused on maximising the use of new technological trends through investment in digitisation. Aided by a quality sales team and dedicated customer care professionals, it provides high-quality services for companies, employees and partners alike.

The Challenge

Looking for right companies to target in B2B sales campaign

The acquisition campaign planned by the Edenred sales team focused on enlisting companies to distribute Edenred meal vouchers to their employees. The sales concept was based on the principle that these employees were more likely to use their meal vouchers at restaurants and cafes that accept Edenred meal vouchers in the immediate vicinity of their places of employment.

The challenge was to choose companies located within 500 meters of particular sites of interest and, importantly, those that had not yet used Edenred’s services.

The Solution

Location analysis helps salespeople reach target businesses in the right places

CleverMaps used a database of all companies employing at least 10 people, a list of companies already using Edenred services, and a list of points of interest as outlined in the overall sales concept. All databases were in different formats.

First CleverMaps geocoded all business addresses and locations of interest so that they could be displayed on the CleverMaps platform map. After importing all data to the CleverMaps platform, they hid all of the companies that were already using Edenred services using map filters. CleverMaps subsequently filtered out all of the companies that were more than 500 m from the point of interest, further decluttering the map view.

The Result

Higher conversion rate

CleverMaps presented the Edenred sales team with a bespoke database of relevant, eligible businesses as earmarked in their acquisition plan. The campaign ended up being 25% more successful than previous non-location targeting campaigns.

Bolstered by their collaboration with CleverMaps, the Edenred sales team have subsequently employed new smart-selling strategies to ensure they invest in more relevant campaign targeting.

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