Customer story: How we achieved more relevant sales meetings

"We have connected CleverMaps to our CRM. Thanks to that anyone from our sales team can find another potential customer within a few clicks - and we can see more relevant meetings as a result."
Oldřich Kahoun, Chief Operations Officer, CleverFarm

Technical innovations to future-oriented farmers

CleverFarm’s app helps users with efficient, profitable and ecological farming. Although CleverFarm is currently established in the Czech Republic, the vision is the business spanning the globe.

We were looking for a cost-effective way of rising our sales. We wanted to gain more control over the current and potential customer base, ie farmers. Knowing that the physical location of their farms usually implies their behaviour we were missing the spatial context in our CRM. We found that we needed a tool that would merge all the available datasets and help us to segment and analyze our farmers while taking in account their locations. In the end we needed to display everything in a way that is useful for both our marketing and sales team.

The cooperation with CleverMaps was smooth. We supplied them with our internal data and our CRM (Pipedrive) connection. After 2 weeks approximately, we gave them feedback and further instructions. Even though we’re a customer with specific requests (categories showcased on the map e.g. the size of the farms etc.), the solution was ready to use in 2 months. CleverMaps supports us with new views and categories continuously. We also like the possibility of further development and constant updates.

1) More efficient sales activity 
The number of relevant and valuable business meetings rised. Our sales people have found an easy way how to search for potential customers, even if they are on a move.

2) Sales-Marketing cooperation that leads to costs savings
Marketing and Sales can address the same customers in the same time. Also the communication is easier as both teams are effortlessly synchronized over the same tool.

3) Targeted testimonials from neighbourhood
In our business, good neighbours’ testimonials brings the best deals. Using our map, we can easily identify the highest business potential and also the marketing content we need to deliver.

Thanks to CleverMaps we have our CRM on the map. It is much easier to understand the spatial relations with a business impact and to plan marketing and sales more efficiently.

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