Data-driven Sales Strategy:
Using Location Intelligence to increase revenue

Our vision to accelerate the transition of the world's sustainable farming, and CleverMaps is helping us to make the most effective steps to fulfil our vision on selected markets. As the CEO of the company, I need to know if the effort and resources we are putting into sales bring the maximum results, and now I can evaluate it. The data-driven approach, combined with location helped our company to move forward.
Vojtech Malina, CEO of CleverFarm

The Client

CleverFarm accelerates the transition of sustainable farming. The combination of satellite data bolstered with IoT sensors helps farmers to optimize the farm’s costs and to get the most out of every piece of land. CleverFarm's most vital markets are the Czech Republic and Slovakia but the products arouse interest in South America and Asia, especially in the countries dealing with water shortages. Smart Sensors are controlling the water consumption for watering, therefore not a single drop of water will be wasted.  

The overall mission of CleverFarm is to make agriculture worldwide sustainable and to avoid wasting non-renewable resources. Because we all have to eat.

The Challenge

Maximize the result of sales efforts

Most of the startups struggle with resources (either financial or HR) but at the same time have to deliver rapid growth to succeed. A lot of resources are often dedicated to sales and marketing, which usually does not generate sufficient results. The same situation occurred at CleverFarm, deals were coming, but the company needed more results without increasing resources.

The previous experience of CleverFarm confirms that the demand for individual products differs based on the size of the farm and the number of contracts for large landowners. Doing business with farms also requires a personal approach and frequent onsite visits, which are a significant item in the sales budget and therefore, it is important to plan them effectively. 

Not only sales but even marketing for farmers is very specific. Farmers require personalized and localized communication and do not respond to the generic approach. 

The need for a solution that saves time of a sales representative, helps to make strategic decisions promptly and quickly determines potential customers was prominent.

Among the requirements for the solution was easy integration with a current CRM system, intuitive usage, effective planning of business trips and straightforward overview of market share in individual regions.

The Solution

Sales strategy that brings results

The solution works with the combination of CleverFarm CRM database and deep market information. Both data sources are connected to the CleverMaps platform resulting in a clear overview of current market coverage and potential clients with the ability to plan upcoming business trips easily and to personalize the sales proposal. 

Sales representatives can choose locations according to their targets. For example, their task is to increase market share in a certain area and with the data about the farms in that area the sales team can easily pick the right product offering for the clients. The right product for each farm depends on its size and production focus.

Marketing for agriculture is also very specific and requires personalized communication. Thanks to CleverMaps the marketing campaigns can be precisely targeted and timed. Time is of the essence especially when sales need to acquire new customers from a certain area and marketing does some local campaigns beforehand. This proved to be a perfect tool for a faster conversion from lead to deal.

The data from CRM (Pipedrive) is automatically updated on the map, so the sales team always has updated information about the customers in both systems - the CRM and CleverMaps platform.

The Result

Cost reduction and increased efficiency of sales

The medium-term horizon of 1 year has shown a dramatic increase in brand awareness. As the sales team is approaching new potential customers systematically and strategically, it had a positive impact on the overall perception of the brand.

The sales strategy has changed and the time lead to the deal had decreased from the original 4 months to 1 month. The overall sales efficiency increased by 100 % while maintaining the same human resources. The expenses of business trips decreased by 20 % and the sales representatives are visiting more relevant farms on their business trips enhanced by the perfectly scheduled targeted marketing activities. 

The shareholders value the deepest overview of all sales and marketing activities in specific areas in numbers. Sales representatives save time on reporting because the full access to reports for everyone is directly in the CleverMaps platform.

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