Customer story: 
How to measure each store’s true potential

Ahold runs hundreds of supermarkets and hypermarkets in The Czech republic. They are part of a multinational corporation Ahold Delhaize, headquartered in Netherlands, operating in 11 countries spread across 3 different continents, and has 22 established brands serving more than 50 million customers each week.
"The entire analysis process was quicker, easier, and more flexible than anything we had tried in the past. We were able to fully visualize the business potential of all of our stores, and we can perform ad-hoc analysis of new business opportunities in real time.“
Robert Skobla Manager of Business Controlling


The goal was to determine the potential of each of hundreds of stores based on its location. Before CleverMaps, the analysis cost not only lots of time, but money as well. There wasn’t any tool that could combine all the relevant and different data sources, perform prompt analysis and model the number of potential customers in a store surrounding. The evaluations of potential were primarily based on population data alone.


CleverMaps’s platform can do ad-hoc queries on large amounts of data from multiple different sources and present them on an interactive smart map. On top of that, it calculates Exposure index (proprietary metric) to show the general attractiveness of any given address in terms of potential customers, ie. the real potential of current and future locations for the business.


Data-derived evaluation of each store and its potential in all current and any possible future location, all within much less time that it would have taken with any other solution.

KPIs for each individual store as well as search for new opportunities in the market in terms of possible relocation of under-performing locations.

Significant contribution to the development of their sales network strategy.

Now, performing new queries and analysis takes only minutes, not several hours like before. This would have been unimaginable before CleverMaps developed its platform.

“CleverMaps’ map-based data analysis allowed us to track changes and expected movement of current and potential customers inside any area that we chose to monitor."
Robert Skobla Manager of Business Controlling

CleverMaps doesn’t just display data - it’s a powerful and intuitive analysis platform that you can use for a limitless amount of queries