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Administrative units

Dataset Specification

Administrative units is often the first datasets needed for spatial analytics. Administrative units datasets include basic territorial division of a location. Namely:​​​​​​

  • Countries
  • Regions
  • Counties
  • Districts
  • Cities
  • City districts 

This dataset is available for immediate import to CleverMaps platform.  


Varies by country



Visualization Types

When to use Administrative Units

Catchment area analysis
Wherefrom are the customers coming to your store? The easiest way how to analyze it is to compare the city districts.

Market Saturation
Analyze the market saturation and find parts of the city where your stores are missing and the competition level is low. 

Aggregated Statistics
To analyze how many clients/customers/users you have in what cities/districts/countries and similar use cases.

Administrative Units in action

This is how the data source looks like

This is what you'll see in the CleverMaps platform

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