Tracking Sales Performance

Location Intelligence helps you reach target businesses in the right places. Implement new smart-selling strategies to ensure investing in the most relevant campaign targeting.

Tracking Sales Performance in CleverMaps

Find The Right Audience To Target In Sales Campaign

Increase your sales and plan your activities based on specific locations without expanding your current sales team. 

Receive a ready-to-use database of relevant, eligible businesses as earmarked in your acquisition plan.

Give your sales team a tool to plan their sales activities on a map and have an overview of their potential customers. 

Evaluate the business results based on the market potential instead of the absolute number to keep your sales team motivated.

Thanks to our data market, you can enrich your pipeline with information about any outlets, farms, buildings, etc., you are interested in.

Tracking sales performance in CleverMaps
The boosting of smart sales by location analysis really does bring results and increases return on investment.
Jiří Brych, Product Manager

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Tracking Sales Performance in CleverMaps

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Tracking Sales Performance in CleverMaps

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