The purpose was to build TRACING CALL CENTER

in order to

  • decrease R0 of the epidemic using targeted, data-driven testing
  • to be able to shift to “smart quarantine” from current countrywide lock-down
  • dramatically decrease the negative economic impact of COVID19

Cooperation with Covid19cz and Keboola

A current joyless period points out not only negative consequences that the Coronavirus has on our lives but also encouraging social phenomena. A huge wave of solidarity has awakened in the Czech Republic and among others the COVID19CZ initiative has been created. A group of IT companies felt that if they used their know-how when it comes to data process and modern technologies they could fundamentally help the country slow down the Coronavirus spread. The central activity of the initiative is the so called smart quarantine and memory maps that were created and are operated by CleverMaps and Keboola.

Technical and organisational solution


Provides the interface for obtaining consent of the end user for temporary usage of their data, in order to access the history and potential exposure information.


Ensures connection and ingestion of data from the mobile operators, banks, apps etc., and access to the data by the CC operator.


Powers location-aware, map like interface for visualization of the exposure and contact data.


Gather anonymized contact data and providing a call to action channel to potentially exposed users.

Tracing of the infection in reality

There have been over hundreds of successful tracing calls and even during the first days the potential of the memory maps was demonstrated which could lead to the replacement of global state precautions and the ban to go out by smart quarantines. In order to make this happen the government must be involved in the process more and more sanitary stations throughout the Czech Republic need to me be established. 

What does the work with the map look like? According to the size of the circle on the memory map, it is possible to determine how long the individual person stayed at the location. Only places where the infected person stayed for minimally 10 minutes are displayed.