The Number One Cloud Platform
Built for Data Analysis
Over a Map

CleverAnalytics is the only cloud-based business mapping platform that projects your Business Intelligence data onto an intuitive, context-first map. By combining location-based and third-party data into a unique multidimensional data model, it provides its users with a powerful tool to discover hidden potential of their data and find a solution to any 'where' challenge they may be facing.

End-users First

Working with data usually requires strong analytical knowledge and/or advanced computer literacy. This is true twice when it comes to Location Intelligence, as it brings another dimension into account. In CleverAnalytics, we believe in simplicity and user experience, and this is exactly how the platform is built - simple and easy-to-use. A big, context-first map, intuitive dashboards, useful filters and handy search are only a few features to be named. You can start exploring and drilling your data immediately.

Multidimensional Data Model for Instant Analytics

Save time and money thanks to our proprietary independent data and logical model. Every time you need to change filter settings or switch a view, the platform instantly re-calculates and projects the data on the map. This allows you to easily define and explore any geographical context you might need to take into account for your business decisions.

Practical reports for everyday use

Stop wasting time with building reports and pioneering what those should contain. CleverAnalytics comes with predefined templates for most verticals and use cases, so that you can focus on what really matters - your business. All the reports are fully customizable, covering any use case you could possibly think of.

Sharing Data Across
Your Business

Only easily accessible data can be utilized to its fullest. The CleverAnalytics platform works on a secured, top-notch cloud service, which allows business users from CEOs to sales representatives to get the most out of their data, be it local competitor analysis report or monetization of their customer's behaviour data. All of this without the need to install any additional software.

Big Data ready

Being served by a top-grade cloud services, our data warehouse and computing power is ready for any amount of data and requests your business solution may require.

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