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Maximize operational efficiency and make smarter decisions on your network to gain market share and become more customer-centric through Location Intelligence.

What Can Location Intelligence
Do For You?

Data Monetization

Provide your clients across all verticals with opportunity to gain competitive advantage by having access to visualized business insights created by combining spatial and telecommunications data. Our Location Intelligence platform helps you create a completely new revenue stream by applying spatial analytics to your mobile network event data.

Sales Network Optimization

Having a well-​optimized network is a must for any omni-channel business. Knowing in which areas is the greatest sales potential and where to be present, as well as being aware of the competition and how to get rid of it are the key factors for success. The CleverAnalytics platform allows you to assess spatial data about your network's utilization, and uncovers opportunities for its improvement.

Field Management

Optimize your fleet’s performance, reduce costs and optimize routing with our Location Intelligence platform. Whether it’s antenna maintenace, WiFi installation or field sales team management, you can use the power of Location Intelligence to track your team, saving your company both time and money.

Distribution Network Management

Use spatial analytics to create the most optimized and most profitable network possible using Location Intelligence. Simply run your company’s internal data through our platform to increase ARPU, reduce churn and take the lead within the industry.

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