The CleverMaps Team

Our team combines knowledge and experience from many various fields. However, the most important ingredient to our success is probably our working environment and company culture.

The Founders

Ondřej Tomas
CEO, Evangelist

Lukáš Puchrik
Product Manager

Jiří Žaloudek
SW Architect


Barbora Hinnerová

Michal Vlček
Marketing Support

Professional Services

Petr Suk
Data Analyst, teamleader

Kateřina Tomášková
Data Analyst

Karel Psota
Data Analyst

Jan Kantor
Data Analyst

Martina Suková
Data Analyst

František Pavlíček
Data Analyst


Ondřej Velíšek
FE/BE Developer

Tomáš Schmidl
BE Developer

Marek Herda
FE Developer

Tomáš Klohna
Operations & Security

Barbora Ambrůzová
Scrum Master