From predefined use cases to custom-designed solutions

Give your data spatial context to understand why

Just a few areas that CleverMaps can revolutionize at your company

Interactive reporting

Global asset management

BI solution enhancement

Delivery location analysis

Pre-defined solutions

Ready-to-use heatmap solution

Start with Location Intelligence today using our pre-defined heatmap solution. It will help you to understand wher are your customers placing orders from, where is your competition , where to focus youradvertisement efforts and much more.

How it works

1.  We source the data. Internal and external data according to the use case.

2. We find relations among the data, geo locate it and sort it into a logical multidimensional spatial data model.

3. Unique front-end allows the users to directly perform advanced analytics on an interactive map.

What our customers are saying

We've seen Microsoft, SAP, GoodData but none of them provide such a deep insight.
David Vejtruba, CMO, TETA
Clear visualisation and predefined reports of data perfectly fit into our data-driven foundation of DameJidlo.
Martin Chrz, Business Intelligence Director,
The entire analysis process was quicker, easier, and more flexible than anything we had tried in the past. We were able to fully visualise the business potential of all of our stores.
Robert Skolba, Business Controlling Manager, Albert

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