From predefined business cases to custom-designed solutions

Apply best-class versatile platform to your needs

Add our interactive map solution for any spatial data analysis to your BI toolkit.

Just a few areas that CleverMaps can revolutionize 
at your company

Global asset management

Interactive reporting

Branch network optimization

Delivery location analysis

Customer segmentation and marketing ROI

BI solution enhancement

We also have custom-made solutions for Retail, Banking, e-Commerce, Transport&Logistics, Cities&Government, BI Consultation, and Data Providers.

What our customers are saying

We've seen Microsoft, SAP, GoodData but none of them provide such a deep insight.
David Vejtruba, CMO, TETA
Clear visualization and predefined reports of data perfectly fit data-driven foundation of DameJidlo.
Martin Chrz, Business Intelligence Director,
The entire analysis process was quicker, easier, and more flexible than anything we had tried in the past. We were able to fully visualize the business potential of all of our stores.
Robert Skolba, Business Controlling Manager, Albert

Segment customers and improve customer service

Boost sales productivity and reduce costs

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