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Just a few areas that CleverMaps can revolutionize at your company

Location Planning

Location planning decisions are crucial for any brick and mortar businesses. Location Data and Analytics will help you to avoid costly mistakes. 

Branch Network Optimization 

Does your company operate business locations such as stores, pickup points or branches? 
Branch Network Optimization will help you to improve ROI, increase sales and control costs.

Post-COVID Retail Recovery

COVID has caused many problems for retailers. Take a data-driven approach to re-opening and recovery process for brick and mortar and omnichannel commerce.

Delivery Services Optimization

Leverage Location Intelligence to optimize your supply chain and reduce delays in deliveries. Location Intelligence will help you to plan, manage, and monitor the first and last-mile.

Catchment Area Analysis

The customer catchment area is the geographical area from which a particular location draws its customer or prospects. 


Supercharge your marketing strategy with Location Intelligence! CleverMaps will help you to target the right audience at the right time and manage your customer experience strategies.

What our customers are saying

We've seen Microsoft, SAP, GoodData but none of them provide such a deep insight.
David Vejtruba, CMO, TETA
CleverMaps is an easy to use and powerful location intelligence tool. It helped us assess the investment opportunity much faster and saved us hours of bothersome work - gathering datasets, preparing sheets and creating visualizations. With CleverMaps, ready to use analytics was at hand instantly.
Jiri Cepan, Senior Financial analyst at Upvest
Combining of our internal data and deep market information in CleverMaps helps me plan localized marketing campaigns with fantastic results.
Adam Severa, CMO at CleverFarm

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Pre-defined solutions

Ready-to-use heatmap solution

Start with Location Intelligence today using our pre-defined heatmap solution. It will help you to understand wher are your customers placing orders from, where is your competition , where to focus youradvertisement efforts and much more.

How it works

1.  We source the data. Internal and external data according to the use case.

2. We find relations among the data, geo locate it and sort it into a logical multidimensional spatial data model.

3. Unique front-end allows the users to directly perform advanced analytics on an interactive map.

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