Retail & Omnichannel

Knowing WHERE is crucial in the era of digitalization, especially for retail in the era of digitalization.

Strategic Location Planning

  • Prioritize locations for new branches or e-commerce pick up points with our proprietary exposure index
  • Optimize opening hours and/or various services provided to ensure customer needs
  • Identify branch network overlaps & cannibalization to determine which branches to close, repurpose or relocate

OmniChannel & Competitive Impact

  • Minimize cannibalisation and understand the profitability of multi-channels strategies as they relate to location
  • Vizualize the impact of reduction, replacement or reconfiguration of the sales network on a specific POS
  • Recognize and address the channel preferences to capitalize on regional preferences
  • Connect the performance with competitive and location context

Realtime Geo-Marketing

  • Use location data to better plan and measure the performance of geomarketing campaigns.
  • Combine mobile movement data with your target audience to identify the best spots for Out of Home advertizing
  • Quickly find the most suitable locations for leaflets distribution and easily measure the impact your offline campaign

How our unique spatial data analytics works

Merge as many internal and external data sets as you have 

  • Your network data to see the performance 

  • Competition branch networks to see the opportunity

  • Sociodemographic&Economic data to calculate the location potential and share 

  • Data from mobile devices to see the most accurate traffic and other mobility insights

  • Points of interest to see the attractivity of any given location according to your customized criteria (our unique methodology: Exposure index)

Analyse the spatial context of your business directly in one easy to use interactive map

The ROI within our projects is typically 500% or more

How are your particular points of contact performing?

Instant insights

Get your business location analysis faster than ever before with queries performed in minutes, not hours.

Business user friendly

Get instant insights without any tech background, any time you want. No data scientists required.

New opportunities

Employ your data together with external data sets in one view and easily switch to any detail you need, in the real time.

Data-driven decision making

Make just the right decisions quickly and confidently.

The boosting of smart sales by location analysis really does bring results and increases return on investment.
Jiří Brych, Product Manager in Edenred

Get your job done with the ease of reading a map