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Maximize operational efficiency and make smarter decisions on your network to gain market share and become more customer-centric through Location Intelligence.

What Can Location Intelligence
Do For You?

Sales Network Optimization

Having a well-​​optimized network is a must for any omni-channel business. Knowing in which areas is the greatest sales potential and where to be present, as well as being aware of the competition and how to get rid of it are the key factors for success. The CleverAnalytics platform allows you to assess spatial data about your network's utilization, and uncovers opportunities for its improvement.

Delivery Network Optimization

Whether you are a retailer or a food delivery business, the customer's satisfaction is critically dependent on a smooth delivery of the order. The CleverAnalytics platform helps you to keep track of capacity and number of delivery slots in each area, watch the area's potential and demand coverage and cut unnecessary delays. Spatial analysis allows you to create the most optimized and most steady delivery network possible.

Customer Insight

Analyze, target and acquire new customers using demographic and socioeconomic spatial analytics to boost your market share. Make your campaigns more data-​driven, accelerate your conversion rates through location and find new opportunities to boost revenues. Thanks to our REST API, you can also easily export data from the platform tou your CRM/marketing automation tool.

Site Planning

A misplaced supply point costs thousands of Eur annually. A misplaced branch can easily go above 100,000 € annually. Planning expansion using your data within location context (area's economic potential, presence of competition etc.) helps to keep your network costs on a leash, whilst providing your customers with a great service and acquiring new ones at the same time. Thanks to this, the CleverAnalytics platform is every Expansion Manager's go-to tool number one.

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