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With business end-users’ needs and experience in mind, the CleverAnalytics platform comes with a full set of powerful tools carefully crafted to meet any need everyday work with location data may bring.


Dashboard is the heart of the platform, displaying all the important information about your project in a form of indicators with cumulative values for the entire network (i.e. for all objects containing certain type of data). You can easily display value of any indicator in a map simply by clicking on it in the Dashboard.


Filter is a feature that affects the amount of data displayed in the View. CleverAnalytics enable users to filter data in dashboard and in map using attributes and metrics. Interactive setting allows to see change of indicator value and change in map immediately.


Using the search tool enables you to display relevant results amongst the wide range of spatial data available to the platform, such as places (cities, streets,...), objects (stores , pick-up partners,...) and areas (administrative units, grids,...).


Views are the gateway to exploring and analyzing your data. Each view contains map with clickable objects and a collection of indicators that represent portion of your dataset. Every view is carefully built to cover specific goal or set of goals. The combinations are endless.


CleverAnalytics supports several visulization types on how to display data in a map. These are Administrative units, Heatmap, Dotmap and Grid. Isolines, Lines and customized Zones or Polygons are to be implemented soon. Every visualization type is suitable for particular purpose.


Exports are an essential feature of the CleverAnalytics platform and something we aim to do better than anyone else. Obtaining presentable outcomes of spatial data analysis and forging those into informed actions is now as easy as downloading an e-mail attachment, and thanks to our REST API you can easily send data from the platform to any software solution your business is using.

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