The all-in-one location intelligence platform

Add spatial context to your business data

Instant insights

All your spatial data in one logical multidimensional data model
Big Data ready: handles all of your internal and external data sources, and can easily be updated
Interactive map combining data filters, unlimited levels of granularity and various types of visualisation
Predefined data models and reports for various business cases and verticals

Make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently 

Designed for everyday business users

Comprehensive spatial context even with no technical background 
Easy to share reporting usable by any job position
Data democratisation and data monetisation across your company
No limits on the number of users

Get a deep understanding of what really happens inside your business

Efficient cloud-based SaaS

24/7 online accessibility 
Browser-based platform with continual updatesno maintenance or installation required
Data-security by the world's best service providers 
Customizable application with online developer documentation
Versatile and scalable addition to your current BI solutions
All data from the platform is easily exported using REST API

Get spatial analysis faster than ever before

One of the most straightforward pricing plans you have ever seen

Efficient reporting

Maximize ROI

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