CleverMaps Use Cases

You know that Location Analysis could help your company but not sure how? Browse the most common use cases to get the idea. 

Site evaluation in CleverMaps

Site Evaluation

If you are opening, closing, merging, transforming, relocating your customer touchpoints network such as branches, parcel and delivery point, ATMs, cafes, restaurants, outlets, use spatial data driven analysis to do the most relevant decision.

Site Selection

Whether you're a retailer expanding brick & mortar stores, a fast-food chain selecting new restaurant locations, an insurance company optimizing the branch network, or a utility firm placing EV chargers, CleverMaps will bring you the insights you need.

Site Selection in CleverMaps
Market Gaps and Cannibalization in CleverMaps

Market gaps and cannibalization

Find the under-served locations in your business. With our analytics, you'll know where the market potential is without cannibalization on your existing sites.

Opportunity prediction

How much revenue awaits at your new store or branch location? Conversely, what will happen if you close down some of your sites? Have your decisions under control with CleverMaps opportunity prediction.

Opportunity Prediction with Location Analytics
I knew that it's a good idea to start using a LI tool of some kind, but I wasn't sure how to implement one in our company. So I scheduled a demo with CleverMaps and everything was explained to me and they suggested what is the best approach for our company. I tried talking to another location intelligence provider but none of them provided the information I needed. The implementation was handled by CleverMaps and then presented to us on an onboarding call. The tool itself and the insights it provides is very impressive.

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Customer Acquisition and Retention in CleverMaps

Customer Retention & Acquisition

Customer Acquisition and Retention with Location Intelligence will help your organization stay close to your current customer base and detect the hidden market potential for new customer acquisition.

Location Planning:
Branch network and ATMs

CleverMaps will help you develop a comprehensive location strategy considering all the factors influencing your network's performance.

Location Planning: Branch network and ATMs in CleverMaps
Branch Network Optimization in CleverMaps

Branch Network Optimization

Use location intelligence to align the branch operation costs with the market potential and your business goals. Handle the challenges connected to the digital transformation with ease, thanks to advanced spatial analysis.

Market Saturation

Some locations may seem like areas with a substantial opportunity that are in fact locations with too many players already in that market. Market saturation analysis allows you to know the market before entering the market.

Market Saturation analysis in CleverMaps
Customer Intelligence in CleverMaps

Customer Intelligence

Analyze the information you gathered about your customers in a location context. Location Intelligence will provide you with details and activities to build more profound customer relationships.

Catchment area analysis

The easiest way to analyze real customer catchment areas for your retail stores or a bank branches to improve overall performance of your business.

Catchment area analysis in CleverMaps
Planning Delivery Zones in CleverMaps

Planning Delivery Zones

Location Insights will help you plan delivery zones for maximum efficiency. So you can reduce delayed orders, outrun the competition, and have happy customers.

Delivery Management and Last Mile Support

Have control over your deliveries and take the last mile to the level of perfection. Location Analysis will provide the insights to drive your decisions.

Delivery management and Last mile support in CleverMaps
Market potential and Share in CleverMaps

Market Potential and Share

Knowing the real market potential drives the right business decisions–from effectively distributing resources to a fair evaluation of sales performance.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is good for business. Find and eliminate the causes of unsatisfied customers with location intelligence and let your business flourish.

Customer Satisfaction enhancement in CleverMaps
Relocation Site Rating in CleverMaps

Relocation Site Rating

Find a new and more strategic location for your opened branches and at the same time higher your chance for attracting more potential customers.  

RFM Analysis

Evaluate and segment customer behavior based on the data to identify the most valuable customers. Identify your customer segment and improve your business strategy.

RFM Analysis in CleverMaps
Cashless Transition in CleverMaps

Cashless Transition

Are you planning to transform some of your branches to be entirely cashless? Location intelligence will help you to choose the right branches to start the transformation.

Branch Transformation

Are you planning to shift the customer experience with branch transformation? Make a wise and data-driven decision based on location analytics. 

Branch Transformation in CleverMaps
Competitive Intelligence & Market Research in CleverMaps

Competitive Intelligence
& Market Research

Competitive Intelligence and Market Research will help you to understand your playfield. Learn how to evaluate and find the right data to make decisions and how to implement it effectively.

Service Availability

Use proven location insights to get a complex overview of your service coverage and missed opportunities. Get detailed insights into customer demand to optimize your offering.

Service availability in CleverMaps
Tracking Sales Performance in CleverMaps

Tracking Sales Performance

Location Intelligence helps you reach target businesses in the right places. Implement new smart-selling strategies to ensure investing in the most relevant campaign targeting.

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