Mobility data monetization

Put the smart data into our smart map

  • Visualize and assess locations with your  specific audiences accordng to your parameters 
  • Analyse attractivity of a given location based on our unique methodology (Exposure index)
  • See the real customer traffic - any time, any place - based on data from mobile devices
  • Find out where are your customers from
  • Combine your own data together with mobility data of our data partners to profit from a one-stop-shop for your campaigns and business development

How our unique spatial data analytics works

Merge as many internal and external data sets as you have 

  • Your network data to see the performance 
  • Competition branch networks to see the opportunity
  • Sociodemographic&Economic data to calculate the location potential and share 
  • Data from mobile devices to see the most accurate traffic and other mobility insights
  • Points of interest to see the attractivity of any given location according to your customized criteria (our unique methodology: Exposure index)

Analyse the spatial context of your business directly in one easy to use interactive map

Target you customers at the right time and the right place

The ROI within our projects is typically more than 100 % 

Instant insights

Get your location analysis faster than ever before with queries performed in minutes, not hours. No data scientists required

New opportunities

Employ all your data and discover new business opportunities within the unique spatial context you can see only in the map

Business user friendly

Get instant insights without any tech background, any time you want

100% data-driven

Make just the right decisions quickly and confidently

"We've seen Microsoft, SAP, GoodData but none of them provide such a deep insight."
David Vejtruba, Marketing Director, P.K.Solvent

Find the most promising locations with the ease of reading a map