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Mobility Data by Unacast

Unacast provides a variety of high-quality data for multiple markets globally. This data can help you build insights about human mobility. Thanks to Unacast, we can provide quality location data that reaches five continents. 

What is Mobility Data and how is it created? 

Mobility data is generated through selected undisclosed mobile apps. Typically, when a user agrees to allow a mobile app to use their location, then the app shares with aggregators, Unacast or developers the anonymized GPS location and the time of the event anytime it is being used. In the case of communicating with developers, the data are further bought by Unacast. 

The distribution of the data varies based on countries and the users, their gender, age or regions. Penetration of the data is more substantial where more smartphones with the selected app are being used; cities have it better than small towns. An important role is also played by personal data protection law, which is generally more variable in American or Asian countries than in Europe.

The advantage of mobility data is a very high positioning accuracy due to a GPS module. 98% of the data is determined with an accuracy of better than 25 m, even in built-up areas.

Dataset Specification

The so-called "Raw data" contains a standard set of information “events”  among providers. An "event" is a single record in a database containing:

  • Unique device ID (across vendors)
  • Timestamp
  • GPS coordinates

Other attributes such as coordinate accuracy, device type, device operating system, etc. Individual details vary by supplier.

Data is anonymized in accordance with GDPR. Therefore, they do not contain any personal data, not even about the age or gender of the owner of the facility.




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Visualization Types

When to use Mobility Data

Expansion of branch network
Be close to your customers. Mobility data can help you find locations with high human mobility. Especially with the current pandemic, people's behaviour has rapidly changed and they simply do not act as they used to. Get ahead of your competition and find new locations with high mobility.

Reevaluation of business hours
The pandemic had a huge impact on our lives and people changed their habits. Adapt and optimize your opening hours to the real movement of people around your branches. 

Combination with Exposure Index
Combining mobility data representing real people´s movement with the exposure index  gives you a great opportunity to locate the most powerful potential locations for your business.
More about Exposure Index >> 

Mobility data in action

For any location it is possible to figure out the number of devices, which are moving in the vicinity. The application will provide their distribution during the average day and week.

The mobility data can be also aggregated to buildings, so you see the most exposed ones as well as to roads. 

From the mobility data it is possible to evaluate the natural catchment areas of any place. 

Visualization of the mobility data on lines allows us to get insights about people mobility on a street leve

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