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Movement Data by Mapbox

Dataset Specification

Movement data by Mapbox provides location and real movement of people. This data gives your up-to-date insight into where people are moving the most. Based on that, you can optimize your business decisions. 

Structure of the data:

  • Daily activity: aggregated daily, providing nearly real-time insights
  • Monthly activity: collecting patterns of behaviour on a typical weekday or weekend in a month
  • Activity Index: Mapbox proprietary density metric reflects the activity level in the time window and spatial regions defined above.




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When to use Movement Data

Expansion of branch network
Be close to your customers. Movement data can help you find locations with high human mobility. Especially with the current pandemic, people's behaviour has rapidly changed and they simply do not act as they used to. Get ahead of your competition and find new locations with high mobility.

Reevaluation of business hours
The pandemic had a huge impact on our lives and people changed their habits. Adapt and optimize your opening hours to the real movement of people around your branches. 

Combination with Exposure Index
Combining mobility data representing real people´s movement with the exposure index  gives you a great opportunity to locate the most powerful potential locations for your business.
More about Exposure Index >> 

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