Map Data

How Can I Grasp Complex Business Data Easily?

Think of the general Napoleon. Think of him managing the campaigns with hundreds of rows of data on paper in his hands. A map did the job better.
A digital contextual map would have let him know climate differences and he would have done even better.

We believe that data combined, analyzed, and visualized on an easy-to-understand map is what brings winning strategies. A map that represents a common language for the CEO, CMO, CFO and VP of Sales, shortens their management meetings, and allows them to focus on crucial questions, the meaningful ones.

Top 6 Areas Business
Mapping Software Fixes

Digital transformation brought business data mapping and analysis from GIS experts to business users so they could leverage the power of mapping to solely focus on key business cases. The top challenges that business mapping software helps to overcome are as follows.

A missing instant and clear overview of the performance of each sales unit in the network.

Inaccessibility to contextual information such as the real catchment area in which the true market potential and share can be determined.

A different, often low level of understanding of the meaning of data among the team.

An indifferent understanding of the same data among the stakeholders.

The absence of a benchmarking tool to identify the under/over performing units/areas quickly.

The lack of ability to filter the data by the parameters of each unit easily together with the key business metrics.

The Smart Map Solution for Map Data Visualization

The rich customer location data needed for map data visualization used to be available only to the biggest of enterprises. The recent cloud and big data technologies have brought map visualization power to a wider market.

Hundreds of rows of data can be now replaced with a single map with multiple views, each based around and aimed at solving a particular business case. The fundamentals of CleverAnalytics’ smart map solution are:

  • An instant overview of your sales network, its parts and unit’s business performance
  • A good and united understanding of metrics among all stakeholders
  • A context-first view of your customer base
  • An easy way to benchmark different units in your sales network
  • Full control of the results by filtering

Business Driven Map Data Visualization

CleverMaps visualizes previously combined data on a smart map with various business views giving you the big picture of your network, the context of data shown, and the ability to drill down to details as needed.

Try our solution for Business Intelligence on a map - drop us a message and one of our consultants will show you how CleverAnalytics can help optimize performance of your business.

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Area Analysis

Get an answer to the fundamental question of "Where Are My Customers Coming From?" by seeing your whole network in the context of the geo-location of your sales units.

Market Potential
and Share

The ability to combine external demographic and internal business data on a map allows you to determine accurately and easily the related metrics of marketing potential and share for each sales unit and the overall network.