Visualize your data
on a map

Analyze your business data on a map with our ready-to-use template.

Use Cases

Where are your customers?

Find out where your customers are placing orders from, so you know where to focus advertisement, where to open pick-up point or where are your competitors.

Where are the points of interest?

Find out where are the symbiotic places for your business. Opening a new store near schools, offices, or public transportation hubs can make a meaningful difference for your company. 

Where are people moving?

Thanks to data from mobile devices you can easily find out where the people are moving, so you know where to place a new store/advertisement/ATM, which will get enough exposure.

Visualization types

This template allows you to analyze your data in folloing visualization types:



The red color is showing us where is the concentration of customers, people or points. 

Visualising the location data on a map is the most natural way to absorb and interpret the information.

How much?

Do you want to know the total number of customers, the sum of their orders or average purchase value in the selected area?

Switch between the metrics. 

How far?

How many customers, people or points are within 5 minutes walking, biking or driving from the selected point?  

Choose the vehicle type, distance or travel time in our area query tool to answer the question.

Compare two areas 

The H3 grid visualization allows you to compare two ares on a map. This feature will help you when deciding which area to target with advertisement or were to locate pickup point or a new store.

Try it yourself

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