Are My Marketing Efforts
Targeting the Right Place?

Personalization brings the right message to the right person at the right time, it is geomarketing that adds the right place to the necessary context. Even with the rise of hybrid models of purchasing, a place that is convenient for consumers to access remains an indivisible part of the four Ps of your marketing mix.

Geomarketing software is used for planning, analyzing and conducting marketing strategies and finds its power in sales, marketing, reporting, and expansion planning.

Digital Marketing Enhanced with Geomarketing

Digital transformation embraces geomarketing in various aspects of marketing. Geomarketing now supports marketers in overcoming their strategic challenges and in increasing customer experience in several fields.

Analyzing and visualizing customer behavior

Expansion planning for new stores and territories

Optimization of the sales territory network

Personalization based on location

Managing campaigns based on: 1) the real catchment area, 2) the market potential of the area, 3) target group localization

Instant campaigns based on: 1) real-time location, 2) proximity basis (geofencing), 3) competitor location (geoconquesting)

CleverAnalytics as Geomarketing Software

There are certain perquisites to leveraging the full potential of geomarketing. The basic level in CleverAnalytics compromises of the following:

  • A full overview of your sales network
  • Determination of your real catchment area
  • The market potential and share of each area
  • Geographical segmentation of your customers
  • An overview of overlaps with inner and outer competitors

Market and customer insights provided by the CleverAnalytics geomarketing cloud give you the necessary context for your decision-making process in successful business strategies:

  • Expansion planning
  • Optimization of your print-marketing campaigns distribution
  • Optimization of your sales territories (virtual places)
  • Optimization of your network (physical places)
  • Setting real condition-based quotas

The "Where" Factor

Broaden your customer experience maturity by adding the "where" factor, which often also influences the "what" of your marketing initiatives. See how geomarketing finds its many uses– from effective flyer distribution to sales territory optimization–among all our valued customers.

Try our solution for Business Intelligence on a map - drop us a message and one of our consultants will show you how CleverAnalytics can help optimize performance of your business.

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