Location Insights
in Marketing

It's easy to forget that the customers are actual human beings with homes, jobs, hobbies, and habits connected to a location in today's digital world. Supercharge your marketing strategy by using the information about behavioural patterns of your customers.

Location Intelligence in Marketing with CleverMaps

How can Location Insights help your marketing?

Out-of-Home Planning
Plan, target, measure and activate OOH advertisement based on the location of your target customers.

Leaflet distribution
Expensive and ineffective? Not when you have the right insights for your campaign planning.

Location-based Targeting
Target your audience based on mobility trends and location of relevant environments.

Market Intelligence
Get deep location insights about the market you are serving, from customers to competition. 

Combining of our internal data and deep market information in CleverMaps helps me plan localized marketing campaigns with fantastic results.
Adam Severa, CMO at CleverFarm

Out-of-Home Advertising

Understanding what's happening out there in the real world is crucial whether you are planning, measuring, targeting, activating or optimizing your OOH campaigns. 

Programmatic approach to OOH & DOOH site selection recently became the new black. But without a data-driven strategy, it can still be quite a gamble with uncertain ROI. CleverMaps allows you to:

  • Plan and target your OOH campaigns based on location attributes, e.g. human mobility, customer segments' points of interest. 
  • Measure the reach of your campaigns based on footfalls, traffic, mobility and more location parameters.
  • Stop wasting money. Place advertisements only to the places where it makes sense for your business.
Out of Home Advertising planning

Leaflet Distribution Optimization

Although we live in a digital world, companies (especially retailers) are still spending millions on leaflet campaigns. But even leaflet distribution can be measured and precisely targeted.

Leaflet distribution optimization on postal codes

Leaflet campaigns that are precisely targeted and have breathtaking ROI. How?

  • Definition of distribution strategy based on delivery zones.
  • Hyper target audiences based on demographic, mobility and your customer or loyalty program data.
  • Cost optimisation of the leaflet distribution - deliver leaflet only to the locations with high potential to convert.

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Location-based Targeting

According to BIA Advisory Services, marketers' predicted to spend on geo-targeted campaigns for 2019 in the US alone exceeded $26 billion. And this amount is expected to increase throughout 2020 and beyond.

Ensure you are targeting the right audience in various and contextually relevant locations.  With CleverMaps you can:

  • Develop a fundamental geomarketing strategy
  • Precise targeting using data about the market, customers and locations
  • Connection with mobile operators - send messages to people in a specific location
  • Export of email addresses based on a location - locally targeted email campaigns
Location Based Targeting with location data

Market Intelligence

Using market intelligence by collecting and analyzing data about the markets they are situated in, companies gain valuable insight into how to grow the business.

Market Intelligence insights in CleverMaps

Collect, connect, enhance. As simple as it sounds. Market Intelligence in CleverMaps will give you essential insights for your strategic decisions. How it works:

  • Upload your customer data to CleverMaps
  • Choose datasets relevant for your business in our Data Market
  • Monitor your competitors' locations
  • Plan, measure, strategize, profit

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