Delivery Services Optimization

Solve the expensive business problem using Location Intelligence. Reduce costs and improve the customer satisfaction by optimization of your supply chain using spatial analysis.

„It should come as no surprise then that online food delivery is set to supersize to a hefty $200 billion by 2025.”

Grow your business based on data!

In case of food delivery, analyzing and visualizing your data helps you to streamline the delivery and deliver more efficiently what makes the customers satisfied and supports their repetitive orders.

In food delivery everything is somehow connected to location. You can analyze which locations are satisfied with your couriers or what is their rating and achieve improvement in how your clients are served at the delivery and many more aspects related to your data.

Optimize delivery zones and achieve higher Customer Retention

Marking out a very large delivery zone might seem like an attractive prospect. A bigger catchment area means your food gets to even more customers, right? Not necessarily. 

The challenge for food delivery businesses is to choose the right delivery zone. Customer experience improves if they get meals quicker and over shorter distances because the food quality increases.

Map out the distribution of orders by location, delayed orders and projected driving distances so you can optimize the delivery zones accordingly and improve customer experience and increase customer retention.

Build better relationships with your partners

If you provide sales team with the right insights they can easily market both prospects and those that are already their clients. Combination of your data and external data sources available means opportunity for growth. 

You can get detailed information on who, where, what time, and for what budget orders for given locations or for example address the market potential for each type of cuisine at certain times to leverage it and improve the customer experience and many more aspects.

Sharing the insights with your restaurant partners help you to grow their and your business and make the relations better. 

Want to know how it can work for your business?

Our customers show the impact of CleverMaps

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to launch a project with data from our data market

to launch a project with enriched business data

in average 13$ saved for every 1$ invested

faster insight delivery than with conventional approach

The boosting of smart sales by location analysis really does bring results and increases return on investment.
Jiří Brych, Product Manager in Edenred