Frequently Asked Questions

We are already using GIS, why should we use another map?

We are not just another map. We are the whole analytical platform. The way CleverMaps works with location data differs from the traditional GIS approach. We actually complement with GIS, not compete.

We are Esri partners, is it still something for us?

Many of our partners are Esri partners, and they find CleverMaps a great complement to their spatial portfolio. We are not trying to replace any of the Esri products. Our focus is mainly on business users so they can analyze and evaluate the data themselves. Any GIS product can be used by a tiny group of spatial experts, whereas CleverMaps has a much wider target group making it an opportunity for you to reach this segment of users. The main benefit of CleverMaps is the predefined Solution Templates and our Data Market, where you can find datasets for immediate use in our platform.

We have Esri and Power BI - what is the difference?

Esri is a GIS tool, and Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool. CleverMaps is a perfect complement to both products connecting their key features. That is Business Intelligence on a map giving you the ability to analyze the location context of the data. But don't worry about using too many apps at the same time, you can easily embed the analytical views from CleverMaps to any other tool you are already using.

What's the difference between ArcGIS Business analyst and CleverMaps?

The main difference between ArcGIS Business Analyst and CleverMaps is the computing engine. CleverMaps works on Business Intelligence principles, whereas Business Analyst is derived from the traditional GIS software and keeps its logic. CleverMaps allows you to combine multiple data sources and perform analytics directly on the map, likewise changing the granularity on the fly. With a Business Analyst, you need to prepare the views for each granularity level, and it doesn't allow you to create indicators for your analysis. Among the indisputable advantages of CleverMaps is the availability of predefined Solution Templates based for most common business cases and also the option to purchase the data in our Data Market.

What's the difference between Google Maps, Google Data Studio, API and CleverMaps?  

The Google maps solution is a great tool for visualization but it is not targeted at large or corporate customers. It does not handle large datasets and does not provide analytical functionalities. You can do simple visualizations in Google Maps and you can connect it with the data studio. There is a possibility to use Google Maps API  to the source selected data sources to CleverMaps and you can also use Google base map or Google orthophoto (satellite view) map as a base layer in CleverMaps. You can also interlink both applications and provide URL address-based integration.

What is the difference between CleverMaps and Mapbox?

MapBox presents itself as maps and locations for developers. It is not an analytical platform. We are using it in our platform for the base maps as well. 

What map standards do you support?

You can upload all basic data types to CleverMaps. The way we work with data is different from other GIS tools though. You do not store the data in its original format in CleverMaps. Majority of uploads is done via DB connectors, API or some standard ETL (data load) tool. So you import the data in CleverMaps whatever the original format was.

We are developing our own solution, can CleverMaps help us?

With CleverMaps you can use our years of experience with development of the Location Intelligence platform and build your own OEM solution.  Contact us for more information.

What's the price?

The entry licence plan starts at 149 EUR per month, but to get the appropriate estimate for your solution we will need to know your requirements for the solution. Please share with us what you would like to achieve with CleverMaps.

What is your business model?

We are a typical SaaS provider selling licences for access to our platform. We also provide professional services, Solution Templates and customers can purchase data in our Data Market

For partners, we are offering recurring revenue from every sold licence. Partners can also charge for services they provide on our platform according to their pricing policy.

Which type of users are you targeting? Who is the typical user?

It is not so easy to describe our typical user of CleverMaps because the users range from Data Analysts to CEOs. Usually, data analysts create advanced analysis in our platform and users like CEOs, or other business users are consuming the outcomes. Our user base is similar to any Business Intelligence tool. The benefit is that compared to GIS software, CleverMaps has a much broader base of potential users.

Can I connect my database with the CleverMaps platform? 

Yes, you can. You can simply connect your database using DB connector or use our REST API.

What kind of data are you offering?

In our Data Market, you can find various kinds of data sets for immediate use in CleverMaps. These span from open-source data to commercial data sets from multiple reliable providers and also include CleverMaps exclusive data sets with specialized insights. It is a great source to enrich your business data. Some of the examples:

  • Geographic Insights for most countries in the world
  • Sociodemographic data
  • Traffic density
  • People Mobility
  • Retail Exposure Index
  • Points of Interest
  • And more!

How can I upload my data to CleverMaps?

Our clients usually upload their data to CleverMaps using a DB connector, REST API or ETL tools. 

For more information, please check our developer documentation or REST API documentation.

What volume of data can CleverMaps handle?

CleverMaps runs on scalable infrastructure to meet any demand and load. The amount of available processing power and storage for the project depends on the chosen pricing plan.

You can always upgrade your plan according to your needs.

How do I access the CleverMaps solution?

The first step is to create your CleverMaps account. All your projects and solutions will be accessible from your CleverMaps dashboard. The platform is fully accessible from the browser, no need to install anything on your hard drive.

Is my data safe in CleverMaps?

Your data is safe with us! CleverMaps leverages the latest technologies while maintaining high-security standards across the whole infrastructure.

As our customers are ranging from banks to advertising giants, our security complies with the strictest governmental regulations. 
Our Infrastructure and Security team runs a tight ship, feel free to contact them at if you have any more questions or concerns.

Where is it hosted?

Our native cloud platform is running on Amazon Web Services in Europe, Ireland.  But you will soon be able to host your CleverMaps solution on your preferred cloud provider or private cloud.

What security standards do you provide?

CleverMaps is governed by our Security Policy document which is available under NDA.

To ensure the most efficient security governance, CleverMaps Security Policy complies with ISO/IEC 27001 requirements and ISO/IEC 27002 recommendations, Cloud Security Alliance Security and ISO/IEC 27034 guidance, ENISA Cloud Computing Security Assessment as well as General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (the "GDPR").

Will third party be using my data?

No, your data not shared with any third parties. Visualization of the data in CleverMaps platform is accessible only to users of your project and data sources are accessible only by project administrators.

What are the upgrade policies and what support do you offer?

The updates of the platform are automatic to all users with no additional costs. Your projects always run on the newest version without any worries.

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