Efficient Flyer Distribution

Where to Distribute Flyers?

Online marketers are empowered with real-time tracking and attribution of their online campaigns. We believe that marketers running traditional offline campaigns deserve similar support from digital transformation!

That’s why CleverAnalytics provides real data-driven reporting of the efficiency of your flyer distribution strategy and a comparison of its ROI in your marketing mix. All to help you avoid the common issues of distribution.

The Three Bad Men of Print Distribution

The three most frequent issues of flyer distribution are having an impact not only on its cost efficiency, but also on missing new revenue opportunities.

Over-reaching your real catchment area by targeting large areas defined by administrative divisions, rather than those natural to your customer.

Not concentrating the distribution within clusters of a current client with thehighest market potential.

Missing the low-hanging fruit of not promoting to areas seemingly not related to your location, yet able to be served by it.

ROI Sources of Location Intelligence for Print Distribution

Using the actual transaction data, you will see the real catchment area rather than estimating it either by administrative division, predefined static perimeter, or route distance. By that, the following areas are revealed:

  • Where you are already distributing flyers but get only little or no revenue.
  • Which areas will bring the best ROI if targeted by a planned direct campaign.
  • Where you aren’t distributing flyers but get some revenue already.
  • Where you aren’t distributing flyers but they have a high potential and are still manageable with your current network.

Answers to these questions will help you to pilot new direct marketing campaigns and increase the efficiency of the current ones. By efficient distribution, you will cut your costs, increase your campaign’s impact, and save some trees for those materials that won't be printed due to minimizing over-reaching.

Smart Print Distribution

CleverAnalytics gives you a fundamental overview of the market displaying the location of mailboxes and the market potential–purchase power–behind these boxes as well as the revenue currently gained from them. A comparison between the areas of distribution reveals where and in which segment of audience your print campaign works the best.

The print distribution report is accessible within your CleverAnalytics online account, where you can filter visualized data to streamline your business flyer distribution. Unlike other BI tools, CleverAnalytics can manage the distribution throughout the whole branch network based on the required minimal ROI.

Try our solution for Business Intelligence on a map - drop us a message and one of our consultants will show you how CleverAnalytics can help optimize performance of your business.

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