Merge Data Sources & Embed Access to CleverMaps with our OEM propostion

Mobility Data Vizualization

  • Anonymize data and provide access to media & agency clients directly in the map interface
  • Customizable visualizations according to your needs
  • Connect your data via ETL for real-time update

Business Data Vizualization

  • Merge internal and external data sets to enrich business data
  • Prepared templates with CleverMaps unique Exposure index calculations
  • Points of interest for any given location according to your customized criteria

Demographic Data Vizualization

  • Present Sociodemographic & Economic data to calculate the location potential directly in the map
  • Analyze data directly in an easy to use interactive map

The ROI within our projects is typically 500% or more

How are your particular points of contact performing?

Instant insights

Get your business location analysis faster than ever before with queries performed in minutes, not hours.

Business user friendly

Get instant insights without any tech background, any time you want. No data scientists required.

New opportunities

Employ your data together with external data sets in one view and easily switch to any detail you need, in the real time.

Data-driven decision making

Make just the right decisions quickly and confidently.

The boosting of smart sales by location analysis really does bring results and increases return on investment.
Jiří Brych, Product Manager in Edenred

Get your job done with the ease of reading a map