Your Source of Location Data 

The ultimate source of location data for your analytics. Trusted, verified and high quality datasets available for immediate use in the CleverMaps platform. Get the most out of your analysis by enriching your data with the geospatial context.

The source of location data for your analytics

Available Location Data

CleverMaps offers high accurancy location data aggregated in ready-to-use datasets for immediate use in our platform.  

Administrative Units

Administrative division of countries, regions, districts, cities and more. 

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Retail Exposure Index

Unique dataset curated by CleverMaps. It is a combination of many different location-based factors rating the desirability of a location. 

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Customer Experience Intelligence

A unique mix of qualitative, geospatial and market analysis data for organizations to make more strategic decisions and mitigate risk. 

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Human Mobility by Unacast 

Data from mobile devices and GPS gives us insights on where do the people move. Human mobility is one of the most interesting datasets when it comes to location analytics.

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Mapbox Movement Data

 Mapbox Movement data data gives your up-to-date insight about where people are moving most. Based on that you can optimize your business decisions. 

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Purchasing Power

The concetration of purchasing power over locations. Find out what places make sense for your business establishment or focus your advertising efforts based on the purchasing power.

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Points of Interest

Location data for restaurants, schools, attractions, business establishments and more.

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Accurate building data - building footprints, property types (commercial, residential etc.)... 

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Geotypes & Consumer Segments

Detailed information about geotypes and consumer segments across specific locations based on lifestyle, behaviour, habits, education, income and more.

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Selected datasets for analysing the changes in consumer behaviour that was triggered by COVID-19. The starting point for your data-drive adaptation to the changes. 

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Enhanced Datasets

Datasets enhanced by CleverMaps for the best location analysis. We offer enhanced demography data, exposure index and more.

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The most recent data revealing the charasteristic of a population in a certain area. The data include age structure, income level, household type, population density, sex and more.  

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Car Mobility

A novelty in the spatial data world! Car Mobility data provides location and journey information for vehicles. Find out which routes are drivers taking to get to specific locations and more!

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Available datasets can be viewed in various visualization types.

Global and verified data providers 

Data can be a noticeable item in the analytical budget. We are making sure that you get the most accurate and relevant data worth the value,

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Why to use external datasets from CleverMaps?

  1.  Enrich your data and get extra context for your analytics
  2.  Save time gathering the needed data 
  3.  Easy integration to CleverMaps platform -  the data are ready to use
  4. Verified data sources 
External datasets give you context

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