COVID-19 Solution Center

Your business can get out of the pandemic as a winner. Or even open a door to a new opportunies. All you need is data and a good analysis. CleverMaps is here to help.

It's all about the data

The pandemic of COVID-19  brought many changes to which we need to adapt either in our daily lives or business. The consumer behaviour changed during the pandemic and the changes will remain pernament. It is all about adaptation of the business to the changing customers habit. Data is the KEY to get insights to drive your decisions.

What kind of data is available?

Mobility Data

Mobility data is the key for location analysis. It shows us where are people moving with the accurancy of 12 m.  Mobility data an be used for comparison of people behaviour over time in detail.

Public Mobility Data

For high-level information about the changes of consumer behaviour can be used public mobility reports by Google. The data won't go further than regional granularity, but gives you the idea.

Mobile Network Data

Data provided by mobile operators. The source is the mobile network triangulation and the rough accurancy is 200 m in cities and over 1000 m in villages and outdoor areas.

The devil is in the detail

For the most thorough analysis that will help you to restart your business is desirable to combine all the data. Together with your business data your will have a clear idea about next steps. 

What changed with the lockdown

Altered Mobility

People and cars mobility has changed and it is still changing. Numerours researches states, the changes will remain pernament.

Altered Demand

Because of the change of people mobility, their demand has changed geographically.

Risk Awareness

People are more aware of risks and are more cautios about their buying decisions.

Need for digitization

The physical brick and mortar network suffers now. Clever combination with (human operated) digital channels is a new MUST.

Impacts on individual areas of business