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GIS Tools

  • Intended for GIS Analysts 
  • Limited in-map interactivity makes it difficult to query the data - as each query has a flat file that needs to be precalculated and loaded
  • 1 query = 1 map visualization; its not easy to share results or allow modifications by other users

  • Limitations on handling big amounts of data in a map


  • Intended for business-users & decision makers
  • A logical data model supports full in-map interactivity - users can query, filter, or change granularity instantly with no need to pre-calculate or load

  • 1 project = multiple possibilities to slice, dice & share; results are modified & queried by others

  • Can handle huge amount of data with a map

BI Tools 

  • Suited for reporting or analyzing numerical data with graphs or charts

  • Limited standalone map visualizations or IN-MAP interactivity - it is difficult to query or calculate relationships & overlaps (ex catchment areas)

  • Not suited for mapping / spatial context of large or very large datasets

CleverMaps vs BI

  • Suited for uncovering the location context of data directly in a map

  • Comprehensive visualizations & interactivity - users can query, filter, change granularity and/or calculate relationships & overlaps directly in-map

  • Powerful mapping capabilities for large and very large datasets