How to effectively plan and manage your branch network using Location Intelligence

"I use CleverMaps all the time. I can quickly evaluate, compare, and prioritize. These data-based conclusions are easy to pass on to my colleagues. It’s also much quicker than the process we had been using before."
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Finding a location for a new branch, or rerelocating an existing one often took a lot of time - even for experienced managers. It requires a large amount of data to get find a comprehensive solution. Before CleverMaps, there wasn’t any tool on the market where we could view and analyse all of this data in one place, which left a lot of untapped potential. We wanted to optimize, simplify, and ideally even speed up the entire process - but without reducing the quality of decision making. We were looking for a solution to help us make objective, data-based selections of where to open, or move a branch (down to the specific building, when possible).

We have gathered all relevant data sources (e.g. demographics, purchasing power, the distribution of direct and indirect of competitors in the area, etc.) and are using these metrics to build a multidimensional data model. With this, we can perform ad hoc analysis of complex data interactions and study their interconnectivity inside an interactive map.

Exposure index (a custom methodology for selecting the specific building to open a branch in) combines more than 50 metrics. Each of these metrics can be weighted differently, resulting in a attraction metric customized and calibrated to meet the exact needs of Kooperativa, whose experts helped to set up their own combination of points of interest.

Analysis inside of CleverMaps’s interactive environment has drastically speed up the process of doing ad hoc evaluations of any location. The queries can be performed all inside the CleverMaps platform, and can now be done in minutes - not hours.

Having all of the data in one place allows us to make high-quality decisions in the most efficient way, taking all relevant data into consideration. This allows Kooperativa to fully take advantage of the business potential available to us.

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"It’s an invaluable help. I use it to identify the best places to open a new branch or to evaluate locations where we can move an existing branch to. I get to see a comprehensive overview of all the current opportunities for expansion."
Martina Kodlová, Branch Network Manager