Branch Network

How Can We Optimize Our Branch Network for Maximum Performance?

Digital transformation is driving customers away from physical stores, yet the real-life experience only stores can offer is the key factor for why they will remain an important part of an omni-channel strategy. Thousands of tools within the marketing technology landscape are here to help you analyze and optimize your website, advertising, or social media tactics using the latest technology.

Doesn’t your presence in the offline world, your branch network, deserve the same, cloud-based, big-data-ready approach? We at CleverAnalytics find network optimization a highly complex task in which Network Directors should be supported by the latest technology.

6 Constraints on a Quest for an Effective Network

Improving a branch network is an ongoing task for both Sales Network Managers and Expansion Directors. For them, the Holy Grail is to find out how to serve as many customers and prospects without unnecessary overlaps and preferably without any unwanted competition. The following challenges are frequently met on the quest for an optimized branch network.

Existing voids in the network omitting market potential

Parts of the market being over-served due to overlaps disallowing profitability of branches

Unoptimized customer coverage

Inconsistency in the product portfolio and the targeted segment of customers

Inaccurately set branch KPIs through not knowing the real market potential and catchment areas

A wrongly prioritized expansion plan

Top 9 Benefits
of Network Optimization

CleverAnalytics combines your current customer with external socio-demographic data to provide an online market analysis report on an interactive map that allows you to:

  • Identify branch network voids
  • Find overlaps and reconfiguration opportunities, including acquisitions, branch closures and/or consolidations
  • Prioritize and analyze expansion opportunities
  • Reveal the impact of new openings by both your inner and outer competition
  • Increase your customer base with appropriate market coverage
  • Ensure consistency between your branch portfolio and the customer segments within the area
  • Set up goals and KPIs for existing and/or proposed branch locations
  • Identify branches under-performing relative to market potential and identify the most viable branch sites
  • Find locations similar to your most viable branch sites