Webinar: Data as a KEY to adapt to the New Normal

Thursday, December 3, 2020

4:00 PM Europe/Prague

The pandemic of COVID-19 changed life and business as we know it. Fear of infection, restrictions on social contacts, or various government measure have changes our daily habits and routines. The home office has become a new phenomenon.

With these changes are coming some important business questions - How much will the changes impact businesses of all kinds? Where can we find our customers after the lockdown? How did their behaviour change? How to adapt to the New Normal and use the situation to our benefit?

But don't worry, it is historically proven that every crisis brings opportunities. But only to those who are ready to act and adapt. Data is the KEY to the right decisions to direct your business towards opportunities.


  • What does the data show about the New Normal?
  • What areas of business are affected the most?
  • How did the behaviour of consumers change?
  • How to use the data to unlock the opportunities?